Air freight services

ABCORP is the only best air freight service provider when you are looking for delivery excellence. ABCORP, is capable in providing the best solutions for wide variety of services to satisfy your air freight shipment needs. Our air freight team provides thes excellent schedule of critical shipments from first flight booking (FFB) to easy economic value for normal air freight shipments. Our experts are ready to help you in understanding the best route for your shipments

Leading always in schedule critical shipments

ABCORP, is expertise in selecting the fastest route  for your shipments at very affordable value that suites you.
Allow our experts to make you understand the best route for the delivery of your goods to any country across the globe easily. We always welcome your thoughts and suggestion for any specific shipments needs.

First flight booking services in ease of time.

ABCORP, ensures the best schedule critical shipment services id first flight bookings. This is the best when customer needs the fastest possible transit time for urgent shipments and daily bookings. ABCORP, also makes sure to arrange the fast pick up of customers cargo within the time limits as per any Airlines and catch the flight in any condition. also, when customers goods arrive at the destination, we ensure to deliver the goods safely to your buyer at the destination port due to our global presence. We deliver cargo as per customers needs when cargo reaches destination, which enables suppliers to maintain the transparency with their buyers.


Critical solutions for domestic and international needs


ABCORP, is having the best contract rates with almost all the Airlines globally that should fit customers needs. ABCORP has complete package of air freight solutions through our wide global network of freight and transportation with innovative technology. Our customers do not need to chase airlines for any documents and services as we are the fast medium for all our customers request and needs to Airlines.

ABCORP air freight services below:

  • Shipment Monitoring
  • Technology Driven Tracking 
  • Real Time Shipment Updates
  • Customs Clearance Services
  • Packing and Local Transportation
  • DG Goods Transportation
  • Nomination Shipments
  • FFB and Schedule Critical Services
  • Insurance Services



For customized air freight shipments, ask ABCORP. Contact us today!