Schedule Critical Logistics

When time is of prime importance, trust ABCORP for your time Scheduled Critical Logistics. In case your business needs to utilize or schedule time management options or you need quick logistics multiple times in a day, you can trust us. ABCORP is very flexible and our long term past experiences in Freight, Custom Clearance, Transportation, Warehousing, CFS, Packing Goods, Reverse Logistics and more, has enabled  us to get anything done for your needs globally within short time. ABCORP, can handle any Critical Shipments in an easy manner which will result in to fast movement of goods across the globe quickly in the logistics industry along with the better track systems.

First Flight Booking (FFB)

ABCORP, gives the best in class service every time for quick First Flight Booking (FFB) available as we always the advance space booked facility, which allows us to move your cargo quickly on urgent regular basis. Most of our customers appreciate FFB services in logistics as it makes the supply chain easy and quick for the customers.

ABCORP, expertise in selecting the fastest route for your cargo, which results in to quick on time delivery of goods each and every time. With this technique of route selection, we are consistently providing the quickest delivery time to our customers.



Thanks for the opportunity to handle for Critical Shipment

ABCORP value time and delivery. Time is of prime importance to us always. If you have important Export or Import goods that needs to be delivered urgently, then trust ABCORP to allow handling your shipments to its destination on time. With the best system and chain management, we are the fastest, secured and easy logistics service provider to deliver your urgent delivery around the world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        World class customer service                                                                                                                                             The one most important thing which Customers have in their mind is of the Customer Service. ABCORP, specializes in SPC (Single Point Contact) for each and every Customers. With this we are always able to provide the quick and accurate information to our Customers always till cargo reaches destination. This will allow customers to contact the specific customer service agent for all his needs from origin to destination arrival.

For specific critical shipments bookings, ask ABCORP. Contact us today!