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ABCORP, is Well Equipped with various cargo vehicles for different size and weight cargo. We provide pick up and drop from factory to Airport and vice-versa. We provide various specialized handling equipment’s like Fork-lift Mobile cranes, Low bed Trailers, etc. We provide warehousing Facility to store any type of Cargo such as Dangerous Goods, Cold storage, Perishable goods, etc.

Transportation is Important since it enables Trade between two parties and which in turn provides various benefits to society. With increased specialization and globalization, production is being located further away from consumption. We at ABCORP, provides Total Logistics Solutions which refers to the entire process of transferring products from producer to consumer, including storage, transport, transshipment, warehousing, material-handling and packaging, with associated exchange of information. We provide various types of Modes of Transport Services such as Containerized Transport offering huge reduction in transshipment cost.


ABCORP, Road Transportation Services

  • Transportation of LTL, FTL & bulk cargo. Contract-logistic, Distribution.
  • Contract-logistic, procurement and distribution.
  • Assembly and synchronous positioning of load units (JIT)
  • Customs bonded transportation. Various Value Added Services.
  • Pickup of Export Cargo from shipper warehouse to nearest port.
  • Transportation of heavy and odd dimensional cargo to any destination in India.
  • Tracing & tracking through the Global Positioning System.
  • Domestic Trucking and Distribution in the CIS.
  • Delivery to consignee destination of import cargo after custom clearance.
  • Delivery From port to warehouse on our own trusted delivery trucks.
  • Customs Clearance and Customs Escort service. 
  • Transportation of dangerous and perishable goods.
  • Container transportation trailers for all inland destinations in India.
  • Project cargo movement from inception to erection and commission.
  • Special transportation of heavy weight, over-sized and project cargoes.
  • Personal baggage trucking to passenger doorstep after clearance.
  • Special transportation of household goods and personal effects.
  • With our expertise in road and rail logistics operations,
  • We can offer optimum, reasonable, coordinated &competent transport solutions.


Railway Transportation



Railway transport services is an easy to use service then Trucks in long distances transportation due to its fuel And can load lots of material with much efficiently as compared to Trucks. Generally railway transport service is more Efficient then shipping with Truck. If rail transportation makes your transportation needs much easier then Trucks, ABCORP, will help in every possible way of transporting your goods through railway mode. You can trust us to deliver you the best services in the industry.Rail Shipping is offered by our expert Professionals, who will make sure delivering your Goods, effectively & efficiently.

Railway transportation is not only particularly sustainable, but it is also faster than shipping and cheaper than air transport or any other transport system. However it is not always possible to use rail transport for the complete transport service, hence we handle the pick-up and final delivery starts for you and combine several transport systems to form multi-modal transport chain. With railway transport not only costs decreases, but movers care will be more affordable, efficient, fast and effective.





Transporting the shipment from Origin to Destination is definitely not the final destination of the cargo. ABCORP, definitely helps you with inland transportation for your every need. Our professionals can help you in finding out the best fastest route and a variety of service solutions to meet all your inland transportation needs of your cargo both FCL and LCL. Delivery of goods on time is our prime focus. 


Looking for Trucking within the COUNTRY?

Many products in all the countries are moved in trucks within the country. Sometimes cargo need lot of space and utilizes the space of the whole truck, while some are smaller and fit on pallets, cartons and more. Whatever your need is, ABCORP, can help get you the fastest route or transportation at the best rate. Please join ABCORP for more details. We can arrange for  FTL and LTL. ABCORP, can help you ship equipment, machinery, pharma products, dry & frozen foods, landscaping products, cars, pipe, Industrial steel, and just anything, our experts can get our hands on. ABCORP, offers you the convenience of a full-service transportation solutions globally for almost all the products.


ABCORP offer the best road freight solutions with over hundreds of carriers and 100,000 trucks, shipping companies, freight forwarding, full truckload, partial load, flatbed, heavy load, rail container. Providing solutions for any freight, any time, anywhere, to and from the Worldwide, our LTL freight rates, Freight Any Kind rates, Pallet rates, including the top 20 common carriers. Ocean containers, FCL, and, LCL. ABCORP, can provide the resources to facilitate your business, global transportation and distribution, shipment consolidation, supply chain needs, international freight transportation, globally. Multi-modal logistics Management and warehousing services can be customized to your requirements. We provide free freight consulting. Our experts has years of experience providing prompt, dependable, fast and best service to hundreds of companies large and small.


For customized transportation services and solutions, ask ABCORP. 

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